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Lincoln Law School of San Jose


Friends and Family of Lincoln Law School of San Jose: 

Our present aim is to accrue a strong financial foundation so we can use future donations for the projects we are most passionate about – improving the educational experience for our students and enhancing alumni outreach. You can find a description of what we hope to build in the future under the donation form.  

Additionally, we want to note that beyond monetary contributions, we encourage supporters to connect with us to explore opportunities for larger donations to propel our initiatives forward. We rely on our collective networks to assist with referrals to suitable grants, funding sources, or philanthropic individuals and entities. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. 

You can reach the Dean, Jason Amezcua, at [email protected] or 408-769-4268.

A basic financial foundation is critical in allowing us to move forward. We thank you for considering a donation at this time so that we may be able to pursue projects focused on expanding and improving Lincoln Law School of San Jose in the future.  

Lincoln Law School
of San Jose


Future Projects at Lincoln Law School of San Jose

Student Success

One of the primary goals of Lincoln is to see our students succeed in the legal field, including in passing the Bar.  

Our student body is predominantly comprised of individuals who opted for a school with evening classes so they could still earn a full-time income while attending law school. Several of our students are at an economic disadvantage and cannot afford to take weeks off work to study for the bar, nor can they afford expensive tutors to properly maximize the time they do have to study.  

We want to offer study aids, academic support services, and bar exam preparation to students so they can receive these resources in house, rather than seeking expensive options outside of school. By providing financial support, we aim to level the playing field and ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed academically and professionally. 

School Improvements

A lot of Lincoln’s resources and finances went in to ensuring the school could handle schooling during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nearly one hundred thousand dollars were spent in making sure the school could hold online and hybrid classes via Zoom. 

While these unexpected costs emerged, we were forced to put many other crucial updates on hold. These include: 

  • Library Updates 
  • Ensure our library catalog is up to date 
  • Library furniture including study carrels, desks with outlets, new chairs 
  • Better lighting 
  • Classroom Updates 
  • New whiteboards 
  • New televisions for class presentations 
  • Desks with outlets 
  • Desk chairs 

Safety and Security

Lincoln Law School of San Jose has had many homes, and, for several decades, the school has been located centrally in Downtown San Jose. Currently, the school is at 384 S 2nd Street. Unfortunately, the school is encountering numerous challenges that cast doubt on its long-term presence in this area, primarily due to concerns about the safety of our staff and students. Several businesses south of the school, along 2nd Street, have closed in recent years. Many of the buildings surrounding the school are vacant and have recently attracted a string of (minor) crimes in the neighborhood. The administration at Lincoln is becoming increasingly concerned that crimes could become more violent as the bad actors realize the lack of police response in the area.  

While we wish to remain in the heart of San Jose – we are facing the possibility of needing to move our school to feel more secure. To stay in San Jose would mean going through several security upgrades, including: 

  • Key fobs for students to enter the building without waiting for someone to answer 
  • Upgraded security cameras 
  • Upgraded alarm system 
  • Better parking solution for staff and students 
  • Installing a locked mailbox/package receptacle 
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