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Tuition and Fees

Students must satisfactorily complete 81 units and all Juris Doctor degree program requirements to graduate, including the satisfactory completion of 270 classroom hours per year for 4 years.

“Course registration” means the act of signing up for a course.  A student is deemed “fully registered” for a course upon payment of corresponding tuition and fees, except that a student on an installment plan is deemed “fully registered” for a course/s upon payment of the first installment.

The approximate cost to earn a Juris Doctor degree is $88,000 plus the cost of books, required course materials, and applicable fees, as set forth below.

Flat Rate Tuition: $21,000/academic year
Tuition per Unit (auditor/course repeat) $1,040/unit
Registration Fees
Registration Fees $1,000/academic year
Late Registration Fee $200/term
Visiting Student Registration Fee $150/term
Auditor Registration Fee $50/term
Installment Plan Fee
10-month Installment Plan Fee $40/month

Refund Policy

Students that cancel their Enrollment Agreement before the first day of instruction in the Fall will be refunded the full amount paid toward tuition and registration fees. After instruction has begun, the refundable base is reduced by the amount paid toward registration fees. 

Students seeking to take a Leave of Absence or Withdraw must notify the Academic Dean and Registrar in writing by submitting the appropriate form (forms can be found on Populi). Students are eligible for a prorated refund for the number of hours of instruction not completed up to the point that 60% of instruction is completed in the term. Refunds will be based upon the percentage of the instruction completed as of the business day that the appropriate form is received. Any classes missed prior to that date will be considered completed.  

Total Hours of Instruction Offered less Hours Elapsed

 X    Tuition Paid (not to include fees)
Total Hours of Instruction Offered

Refunds shall be paid within thirty (30) days of cancellation. However, if the School provided the student any equipment or other property which has not been returned within thirty (30) days of cancellation, the School may retain a portion of any refund due equal to the fair market value of the equipment or other property as delineated in a detailed statement.   

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